Friday, March 17, 2023 How to sign-up as a teacher and get your class started using Google Classroom. (Clever is an option as well)

 If you would like your class (or classes) to practice their typing and be able to keep their progress, give a try.

To get started, make sure you enter into and signup for your class and choose the free edition (or other if you wanted to try that).

Once you create your account you will need to add your first class. Please know you will need to add a class first and then you will see the ability to add through Google Classroom or Clever. Once you created your first class, take a look near the top of the classes page and choose Google Classroom. You can then import your class or classes.

I would recommend going into the settings and adjust what you would like (I removed the ability for students to see other's progress).

Place the link into Classroom and have your students sign in with Google.

They can then start their typing and it will keep their progress!

Embedded below is a 2 minute video tutorial.

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