Monday, March 30, 2020

A few first-hand experiences when embarking into virtual learning from a teacher and student point of view.

Below are some "experiences" that my family has had this week with virtual learning (my wife is a 4th grade teacher, my daughter is in 5th grade, and my son is in 2nd). I included a video as well below.

1. Not everyone is using the same device - Chromebook/iPad/etc. If using iPad - students will need to download Docs, Slides, etc. Make sure to be prepared for this.

2. Possibly leave ability to make comments open for students because they will let you know if something is not working. Example - maybe your settings in a file are off.

3. Take a look at your notifications in Classroom - especially if you are in a number of Classrooms.

4. With assignments in Google Classroom - remind students to check under Classwork. Sometimes items look a bit different if they just select the assignment in the Stream.

5. If you share a PDF - possibly allow the ability for students to write down the answers on a piece of paper and send a picture of it to you. Typing in a PDF can be tough especially if they are on the younger side! Also, remember not everyone has a printer.

6. If students submit an assignment they can unsubmit (as well as you as the teacher can return assignments).

7. Leaving a voice message (or video) is a great way to connect with your students!

7. Screencastify and VidYard are two extensions I use to create short video tutorials. There are of course others - but these are ones that I have found to be the easiest. If at all interested let me know.

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