Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Read Across America Day is March 2, 2020. Here are some Dr. Seuss read-alouds (YouTube with QR codes) available in a Wakelet collection.

If you would like to have some Dr. Seuss read-alouds available in a Wakelet collection. What is great about the collection is that all YouTube videos are simply that - the videos. There are no suggested videos or any suggested videos on the side.

To create the QR codes I used the website QR code generator. It is important to note that while videos may play on your personal device, they may not on your district's devices. Please check the resources to make sure they work at your school.

The collection is available by clicking here. Feel free to copy the collection, add/remove, do whatever you would like.

If you would like access to the QR codes to print them out they are available in this Google Doc (thank you Carol Harrity). Please note - the files were named by me quickly so there are shortcut names. Feel free to select File Make a Copy and then adjust as you see fit!

The collection is also available in the QR code below as well as embedded below.

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