Saturday, February 8, 2020

Coding. Learn to make your own game, app, or computer drawing using Have you and your students (or children) up and running in mere minutes.

I know Hour of Code is in the middle of December; however, that doesn't mean you and your class can not continue with all the amazing resources that are available at your students' fingertips.

If you never signed your whole class up for an account, it will take you under 5 minutes to get you all up and running.
  • Enter
  • Select Sign in
  • Choose how to sign in
    • in the district where I work we are a Google district - so the teachers use Continue with Google
    • you will then need to put in some information such as where you teach
  • scroll down to Create a classroom section
  • choose how you want to add your students
    • I chose Google Classroom (this way students do not need to remember another password and I can just place the link directly in Classroom)
  • When adding a course (I chose Course C for students but of course it is up to you)
    • You can always decide later as well
  • I then placed the link in Google Classroom -
    • students then just would click on the link and it would launch once they chose Continue with Google
  • If for some reason a student wants to choose another course, just make sure they select the three lines in the upper right and choose My Dashboard at which time they can make a different selection
Below is a 2 minute and 49 second YouTube tutorial showing the steps from a teacher and student point of view.

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