Friday, February 7, 2020

Flipgrid QR codes and centers. Easily create audio/video directions for students in centers.

If you would like to have audio/video directions available for students in centers, try creating a video in Flipgrid and print out the QR code. If you don't want to use video, simply select either the whiteboard or blackboard and create the video that way.

Once finished, simply print out the QR code and place at the location of the center. In order for students to scan the code, you will need to have a device to scan it. 

If you use a Chromebook, you could use a Symbaloo site like we do in the district where I work that includes a link to a QR code scanner readily available ( 

The great thing is, students can listen to the directions multiple times if needed.

Of course there are so many uses that go beyond centers (lesson plans, positive messages to place around the school, etc) - but I hope this is something you enjoy.

Thanks to Dawn Montare for talking to me about QR codes the other day in the library! A simple conversation that hopefully now will have some legs! Thanks Dawn!

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 12 second YouTube tutorial.

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