Sunday, January 26, 2020

Looking to create, discover, customize, and share awesome content? Try Google Workbench!

As it says below Google Workbench ( allows for educators to search for awesome content as well as search lesson ideas by grade level, subject, standards, etc.

Google Workbench is a platform for educators to discover, create, customize, and share quality learning content. Teachers can easily filter lesson ideas by grade level, subject, project duration, and learning standards to find what they need and create assignments for their students with Google Classroom or Clever.

The best way to learn all about Workbench is to check out the Getting Started on Workbench. Included in the lessons are 4 tutorials:
  1. Searching for Lessons
  2. Your Dropdown Menu
  3. Google Classroom Sync Settings
  4. Assigning Lessons into Classroom
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