Monday, January 27, 2020

Help your students surf the 6 C's and become official Wakelet Student Ambassadors! Must be 13+

Wakelet allows you to save, organize and share content from across the web with into stunning collections. It has become a site that I utilize every single day to share articles with fellow teachers as well as save content for the future (click here for the educator's guide to Wakelet). The ins and outs of the site I learned when I became a Wakelet ambassador. Through this I have been able to help others learn about the site, helped run some Twitter chats, helped run an ISTE session, and have met many of the community as well as those that work for Wakelet. It truly is a caring community!

The other day I saw that Wakelet is helping students surf the 6 C's by becoming Wakelet student ambassadors. 

To enroll click on the following link (students must be 13+) To learn more about Wakelet watch my friend Misbah talk about the Student Ambassador initiative.

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