Thursday, April 18, 2019

Flippity's Scavenger Hunt. Fun way to create a challenge for your students!

Flippity  has a scavenger hunt template ready for you to use to challenge your students, or better yet - have them create some to challenge one-another.

You could use the template in the site; however, for ease of use I would recommend you use their Add-on . You could add it directly from their website, or click here. The Add-on is great as the templates are built directly into your spreadsheet as well as the already published URL.

Please note in the spreadsheet there is a link to adjust options - you will see in the video below.

Two items I would like to point out to possibly make it easier for you / your students.

  1. Create the questions and place somewhere easy to access. In the example below I used Google Keep.
  2. If you have a lot of items to use I would use an extension such as Tab-Resize

Embedded below is a GIF showing a published version as well as a 2 minute and 39 second YouTube tutorial.

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