Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Flipgrid how to have your class access your grid on shared devices (hint - use Classroomscreen as well)

If you would like to have your Grid easily available for your students on shared devices try the following.

  • Create your grid and make sure to select Student ID as the Grid Community Type
    • Name your Grid
    • Create your Flip Code
  • When asked to create your student list you can type in just one name
    • Student and then 1 for last name
  • That is all the names you will need as students can later edit the name when they access the grid
  • You can then print the QR code (along with the Flip Code and Student ID) 
    • I recommend copying the QR code and Flip Code and Student ID and pasting in Classroomscreen.com
      • This allows for students to be able to scan the QR code on a shared device 
  • Students can now scan the code, access te Grid, alter their name, and create their video.
Embedded below is a 2 minute and 21 second YouTube tutorial showing the above as well as what it looks like from a student's point of view using a mobile deice.

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