Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Want to create a gradable quiz from a .Doc .PDF or .PPT in seconds? Try Quizizz's Create with AI.

  Recently I have been sharing how to quickly and easily create assessments directly from a YouTube video:

I also recently shared 
This tutorial is very similar to the one mentioned above; however, this time you are creating an assessment in Quizizz within seconds using a .Doc, .PDF, or .PPT. 

Once you select the  option to Import or Upload a document, you will need to import or upload and choose between 5 and 15 questions.

You will then see the quiz created in mere seconds and then you have the options (like in all Quizizz assessments) to add a standard, change the time, change the point value, add additional questions, as well as preview and publish the assessment.

One item to point out. With the free version, you have up to 20 assessments. If you would like to create your 21st, you can either delete or archive a previous assessment. I would recommend archiving so you can bring it back in the future.

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 53 second long YouTube tutorial.

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