Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Google Forms - How to see your responses in a much more readable Google Doc

With all the amazing Google Forms offers, one "pain point" I have heard many times  is the fact that the results can be frustrating to decipher. 

Thankfully a Google Add-on allows the results to be read in a much easier format. The Add-on (in Sheets) is called Save as Doc. This is amazing as you can now see each person's response on their own page(s). This is especially helpful while reading longer responses.

Once you have gone through the process, the Add-on will be available in your Google Sheet on the right-hand side. You will then see the options you see below. Be sure to select the cells you would like to utilize (I choose all data) as well as name your document. As for the Heading - you have 5 options (1 is the largest and 5 is the smallest).

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 6 second YouTube tutorial.

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