Wednesday, February 23, 2022

A few tips on adding background audio into Google Slides

 A great feature in Google Slides is the ability to include all types of content (including video and audio) to go along with text.

A few quick reminders when importing background audio.

  • If you are using a video as well (you can use the audio as background music) make sure to add the video first, look to the right for options to play on click, play automatically, or play manual.
    • It is up to you - but if you are using background music I would say to play automatically.
  • With the audio, there are a number of sites that have royalty free music. 
    • I really like using Bensound
    • Another one to use is YouTube's - located in your YouTube Creator Studio - Audio Library - make sure to scroll. It is located on the bottom of Dashboard, Content, Playlists, etc.
  • Once you download your audio, make sure to upload it into Google Drive go back to your Slide and choose to insert audio.
  • Once you insert your audio you will have a bunch of options that you see below. Again, if your video is automatically playing, I would recommend choosing to start playing automatically. 
    • I would also recommend moving the volume down a bit so it does not overwhelm your audience with too much audio.
    • You can also Hide the audio icon when presenting, loop the audio, as well as the ability to stop the audio on slide change.

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 53 second YouTube tutorial.

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