Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Xtramath - How students can link their account to Google or Clever account

Xtramath is a useful site for students to use as one way to help learn basic facts. The site works with the user and works with the facts that they need to work on and all for about 5 minutes a day.

To learn more about Xtramath - click here for a collections of blog posts I created revolving around the site -

If you are just starting the new school year and would like your students to use their Google (or Clever)
account to log on follow the following steps:

  • As a teacher create or log on to your account
  • Make sure to click on the Blue Parent or Teacher Tab
  • Follow the class checklist for creating your class
  • Once the students have their account name and number make sure they log on to their Google or Clever account.
  • Once logged on have them click on the green student tab
  • Choose to log on with Google or Clever
  • They will have to put in the teacher email
  • Their user name
  • 4 digit Xtramath number
  • They should then have a linked account to xtramath
Embedded below is a 40 second YouTube tutorial explaining the above steps.

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