Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How to use Google Forms and Wakelet to take your data collection to the next level.

The other day a friend of mine who teaches special education asked me about how she could better utilize her data collection and make it electronic. The one solution I shared with her is using Google Forms and then placing the link in a collection within the website/app - Wakelet. Google Forms is great because you can fill the form out countless times as well as have a spreadsheet created with your data. Wakelet is great because you can store countless links available under one link  (collection).

A few items to point out when creating your form.

  • Make sure to have each question required
  • If one of your questions requires a tally mark type response, leave the question as a short answer and have the person filling out the form use a character as a tally.
  • Google Forms - under the setting gear
    • Your choice to restrict to just your district (would require log-in - so may not be what you want).
    • Make sure under Respondents can:
      • Check edit after submit (nice for those who submit to be able to edit)
      • Your choice to allow summary charts and text responses
    • You may want to think about not placing the student's name on Form - maybe a code that you and the submitter know
    • Update (1/21/19) - Make your spreadsheet do the hard work for you in your data collection. These little adjustments in your form can help take it one step more!
  • Wakelet 
    • In short Wakelet is a site that allows users to organize and curate information online.
    • What is great is that you can store the form links under one collection in Wakelet and then share this Wakelet link.
    • Make sure to check your visibility (public, unlisted, or private) - in my example I used unlisted
Embedded below is a 4 minute and 35 second YouTube tutorial showing how I used Google Forms and Wakelet.

I am sure there are countless other ways, but this is what I find to be the easiest.

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