Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Flipgrid is not just for student voice. It gives a voice to all. All educators, student teachers, substitute teachers, admins, office staff, etc. can share their voice!

Flipgrid is indeed an amazing site as it gives all students a voice in their classroom. Just today I was talking to another teacher about how I have not been this excited about a site in years.

However, this site is not just for student voice - it gives a voice to all. A student teacher could create a self-reflection video as they slowly take on more and more of the classroom. If you are a substitute teacher, leaving a Flipgrid video about the day is a powerful and quick way to really recap the day. A principal can create a video after seeing an awesome display of cooperation in a classroom, etc.

If you want to keep your videos in a shareable link, this is especially great for substitutes, why not keep a collection of those videos in Wakelet. The teacher can continuously add to the collection and what future employer would not be blown away by the use of technology to interact with their peers and students.

As a technology integrator I have started to do just what is described above, I create a "thank you / great job / what to work on" video in Flipgrid and share it with the teacher and students. I then store this video in a collection in Wakelet. If interested, you can access the videos by clicking here.

I have create a 3 minute and 43 second YouTube tutorial below. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. For more information on Wakelet and Flipgrid, you can click on the two links below.

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