Sunday, December 9, 2018

2 new winter-themed GIF backgrounds available in

Classroomscreen is an outstanding website that includes a number of digital widgets where teachers can project onto a screen for the entire class. To see a number of posts I have created regarding Classroomscreen, click here.

The background pictures and GIFs are very pleasing to the eyes. Lately, a number of people have asked if there is a picture or GIF that has a fireplace (or just a fire). Well, now there is!
  • Select Background at the bottom of the screen
  • Look on the right side of the next screen for GIFs (you will see 7 available)
  • The top one is a view of a campfire on a mountain
  • The second one is a GIF of a fireplace with stockings 
Embedded below is a GIF followed by a 39 second YouTube video.

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