Saturday, September 1, 2018's Fun with Words. Use a Google Spreadsheet to see words in an artistic way. allows you to turn a Google Spreadsheet into flashcards, a random name picker, word search, etc. A new one (Fun with Words) is the ability to take words and see them in an artistic way. To see a demo click here instructions click here, and a template click here.

  • When you click on the template (and make a copy) be sure to replace the 20 words and put in your own. 
    • A gentle reminder is to not alter anything that is blue.
  • At the top select File - Publish to the Web - then Publish - Ok - close out of the pop-up box
  • Enter back into the spreadsheet and at the bottom select Get the Link Here
  • Select the link that Flippity provides for you.
  • Take a look at the artistic creations
Embedded below is a GIF showing my creation, followed by a 2 minute and 2 second YouTube tutorial.


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