Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A look into Google Classroom Beta updates

Google Classroom has made available a few updates prior to the start of the 2018 school year. If you would like to see these updates please click on the link below.

A few items to point out:
  1.  Classroom now has a section called "classwork" that will now appear at the top of your Google Classroom page. The Classwork section is where you'll place assignments and reference resources for your students. Teachers can organize materials according to a unit of study or topic. This is a great feature for organization!
  2. ** Not available yet** I am pretty excited about this one! The second update is the option to create and post Google Forms quizzes directly within Google Classroom. When you select "Create" in the new Classwork section you'll now see an option to make a quiz.  Teachers will be able to lock them into the quiz until they submit their final responses (if using school managed Chromebooks). 
  3. Settings for editing the class description, class code, and controls over student postings will be found in one menu (select the gear).
  4. The classwork section is streamlined and easier for students to see and post on postings.
  5. There are also new themes available as well.
Embedded below is a 2 minute 17 second YouTube tutorial.

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