Sunday, December 24, 2017

Want some Christmas STEM activities?

If you would like to create some fun Christmas themed STEM activities - check out

Some of the many ideas include:

  1. Christmas Tree Slime
  2. STEM countdown calendar
  3. Christmas Tree Holiday STEAM Craft
  4. Christmas STEM - learn about your tree
  5. Evergreen Oobleck
  6. Melting Christmas Trees
  7. Christmas Coding STEM Ornament
  8. Christmas STEM: Engineering and Challenges
  9. Christmas Tree Icy Engineering
  10. Cardboard Christmas Tree STEM Engineering
  11. Play Dough and Straws Christmas STEM Tree Challenge
  12. Mini Cups Christmas Tree Challenge
  13. Christmas STEM Cup Tower Challenge
  14. Christmas Tree geo board
Merry Christmas!!

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