Sunday, December 10, 2017

Share a Google file easily using template/preview

If you have ever been frustrated with sharing a file with others (maybe the force a copy didn't work properly, users are asking you for editing rights, etc) try this solution:

Copy the doc's shareable link and remove the edit and replace it with template/preview

A few great items to point out about this:
  1. Users can preview the file you share entirely - when you force a copy the user will not see the contents before making a copy
  2. If the users like the file they can select use template (upper-right of screen)
  3. You will not have to rethink if you forced the copy correctly or fear the dreaded "asking for permission"
  4. One item of note - if sharing the item in Google Classroom - Tony Vincent (great follow) suggested to take the URL with template/preview on the end and paste it in a URL shortener. Then take that shortened URL and paste it in Classroom. It works very nicely.
Embedded below is a GIF followed by a 56 second YouTube tutorial.

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