Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What are extensions on Google Chrome and can I have a list of some popular ones?

Hello everyone,

The use a lot of figurative language has helped a lot when trying to help others get a deeper understanding of a topic. 

So, when trying to help others understand what an extension is, I like to think of an extension ladder. While a regular old ladder is good for most tasks, every once in awhile, a good ole' extension ladder helps me get the whole job done. It allows me to reach places I just couldn't with that 6' ladder. The same thing can be said about extensions on Google Chrome, they help to add more features and functionality to get the job done right. 

While there are thousands of extensions, here are just a few that I have written down.

Here is a link to 100+ apps and extensions by Kasey Bell. She has a lot of great ideas.

Readability 841,334 users  - Turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, smartphone, or tablet
Awesome Screenshot1,011,704 users -  Screen captures any part of a web page, can blur sensitive information, and can download image to Google Drive.

Screencastify - 1,604,465 users -Probably my favorite extension. Very simple to use - just press record
 and it will start taping your screen. Will store videos on Drive - or directly to YouTube.

Goo.gl796,289 users Ever have a website that is just entirely too long to either share in an e-mail or with your 
students? Simply use this extension to shorten that URL.

Text Mode44,572 users This extension will allow you to take out all video and 99% of adds on webpages 
and just focus in on the text on the screen.

Tab Resize274,099 users Allows users to split the screen layout to display multiple tabs in one tiled view.

Save as PDF281,359 users Allows users to download web pages to PDF form with just one click.

Turn off the Lights - 1,419,034 users - The webpage will literally fade to dark and you can watch the video as if you were at the movies.

Save to Drive  - 2,181,301 users Helps you save web content or screenshots to your Google Drive.

Google Translate - 6,118,447 users - Translates either a full web page or just a certain section that you would like translated into another language.

Sticky Notes - 369,829 users will leave sticky notes "post-its" on your desktop. 
More extensions will be added along the way!

Print Friendly & PDF - 1,040 users - Removes ads, navigation, and "junk" before you print from a website.

Thanks for reading!

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