Monday, June 6, 2016

Google Voice Typing

Hello everyone,

If you, or someone you know hasn't tried out Google Voice Typing on Google Docs - try it out.

"It's typing what I am saying!" "This is awesome!" I have seen first hand how voice typing made a child actually cry with relief, excitement, and just sheer joy because it made her "feel like an author".

To give it a try, simply follow these steps. 
** ctrl shift s will also start voice typing up quickly on docs**

1. Log onto Google Docs
2. Select tools
3. Select voice typing
4. Select click to speak.
5. Remember to speak slowly and distinctly (remembering to say the end punctuation.

Click here for Google's Voice Typing "help"

Click here for a quick video I created on how to use Google Voice typing.

Take care,

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