Saturday, June 25, 2016

Want a crystal clear image of a document to send quickly? Try the scannable app

A friend of mine a few years ago introduced me to the Scannable App when I wanted to send someone a picture of a document I had (we were not near a fax). He told me about Scannable and I was instantly impressed. Long story short the app will instantly scan for a document, take a picture, "clean it up", and then ask where you would like it stored.

I typically will store the picture in my camera roll, unless it is something to store for the future, in which case I will store it in Evernote - which is an amazing site to store all your notes across all devices.  I will post about Evernote in the future (as you can now search Google Drive files in Evernote).

I used the scannable app many times for parents when they needed a file to print out because their child lost it. I would scan the document with Scannable, save it to my camera roll, attach it in an e-mail, and they would sign and return it the same day. It basically took having to go to the copier and scan it.

Below is a screenshot of what Scannable will look like when you use it.

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