Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How to use Kami on an iPad in Google Classroom

If you would like to utilize Kami on an iPad in Google Classroom please watch the embedded 3 minute and 8 second YouTube tutorial below. You will also see Kami's instructions by clicking here or seeing the information below the video.

To open a file from Google Classroom to Kami on an iPad, follow these steps: 

From Google Chrome Browser

  1. Click the three vertical dots in Google Classroom (not in Chrome), and select Open in new window.
2. Next, click the three vertical dots in Google Chrome (not in Google Classroom) > Request Desktop Site.
3. Select Open with -> Kami.
Note: For Safari, it is the same process, except for step 2 you will need to press and hold the page refresh button instead of the three dots in Chrome. 

From Google Classroom App

You will follow the same steps as the Google Chrome instructions above, but first you will need to open the file in a browser. To do so, click this button in the Classroom app and select Chrome if it asks which browser to use:

What if I need to open any PDF file on my iPad?

You can use Kami on your iPad by following these steps:
  1. Open the Chrome app.
  2. Visit the web version of Kami -
  3. Use Open from Google Drive or Open from Computer to select a file.

I followed these instructions and I still have problems. What now?

There are known issues with Kami in iOS. Unfortunately, this is because Apple does not support Chrome extensions or rendering non-embedded content on PDFs. It seems also there have been some recent changes to the Drive/Classroom apps that have rendered some of the workarounds we had to overcome this that we previously had in place are now obsolete.

Email our Customer Success team at Please use the Share Document button to share the file with us. Send us screenshots or screencasts and tell us what isn't working. Include the URL and file name in the screenshots/screencasts. Tell us who experienced the issue, an approximate time and date when the work was made, and when you realized there was an issue. We love any detail that you can provide - they help us fix the problem as quickly as possible!

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