Thursday, April 16, 2020

Google Classroom quick tips - Stream, Classwork, Google Meet, and Team Drive

My wife is a 4th grade teacher and these little tips has helped keep her Google Classroom organized and easy for students (and families) to follow.

  • Hide Classwork Notifications on the Stream - save the Stream for morning/important announcements.
    • Settings gear -  Classwork on the Stream - Hide notifications
  • Classwork - move the previous weeks assignments to a new topic 
    • Once the week is over - move the posts that are in the specific topics to Week 4 Learning (or whatever week it is) 
    • The Classwork is still available for students/families to access
  • Google Meet
    • Google Classroom now supports Google Meet
    • A few notes 
      • You can make the video available to students (when you do this it shows up in your Classroom header)
        • This is great for simplicity.
      • Make sure to check with your admin as in the admin console, the ability for students to create meetings needs to be turned off. This will prevent them from joining ahead of you and becoming owners of the meetings/recordings
      • Personal thing - I would only make this link available to students at the time you want to have the meeting.
    • When the meeting is over, make sure to be the last one in the meeting (you can remove students). Make sure to then remove the ability for students to see the link.
      • The meeting is still open between 30 seconds and 1 minute even after you leave the meeting so students could still rejoin and invite their classmates back in.
        • I would recommend going back into the meeting 1 minute later on - just to be sure no-one jumped back on.
      • A reminder that you can show captions for those that are deaf or hard of hearing
        • Please note that captions will not show when you record your meeting and play it back.
  • Team Drive
    • Copying a file from a Shared Drive to your personal Drive
      • Depending on your permission you may not be able to just right click and save a file you may need to open file - select file make a copy
Embedded below is a 3 minute and 15 second YouTube tutorial.

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