Wednesday, October 23, 2019

View text from articles directly in Wakelet. Best news of all - Immersive Reader is available to make your collections more inclusive and accessible!

That's right, all articles posted in a collection in Wakelet have the ability to be read directly in Wakelet. As stated above, the articles have the power of Microsoft's Immersive Reader. You can:

  • Text can be read-a-loud
  • Change text size
  • Change text font
  • Change theme (colors)
  • Ability to see syllables
  • Ability to see parts of speech (with labels if interested)
  • Line focus
  • Picture Dictionary
  • And the best of all - translate single words or the entire document into over 60+ languages (many with the ability to be read-a-loud.
Embedded below is a GIF showing all the languages available in Immersive Reader as well as a 1 minute and 4 second YouTube tutorial.

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