Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Post-It Note Art + Pixel Art. Have your students create amazing art work using Post-It Notes and a Google Sheet

The other day Julia Dweck shared a tweet discussing Post-It Note Art and gave a shout-out to Kristina Holzweiss
This is really cool and student's creativity could soar with this. It started me thinking about Pixel Art and Alice Keeler's post Google Sheets: Pixel Art Template.

If students could create their Post-It Note design inside of a Google Sheet, the ability to "play" with their design would be something they could work on if interested when they would like to. Plus they could work together on this with others.

I showed this to my family and my daughter and son instantly were excited to do this. Of course we created what you see below (my son is a huge Mario fan). The possibilities are endless; however, a few trips to Target or orders through Amazon will need to happen!

A few tips to remember when students create their sheet.

  • Make sure when they use conditional formatting they need to create their text and fill color the same.
  • They can add more colors as they need to - but don't focus on making more than 5 or 6 colors at first (especially noting the color Post-It Notes you have).
  • Just like in Google Sheets (or Excel) students can drag the formula to apply to other nearby cells. Click the small blue square at the bottom-right of the cell and drag it down across all the cells you want to apply the formula to. When you release the click, the formula from the first cell will be copied into every cell in your selection.
Embedded below is a 2 minute and 18 second YouTube tutorial.

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