Friday, September 6, 2019

Knoword A fun word game to practice vocabulary.

Eric Curts the other day shared this awesome vocabulary resource - Knoword.

Knoword is a resource where users learn and expand their vocabulary and spelling. It is a game where you type in words based on their definitions.

There are three different levels (easy, medium, and hard).Click here for How to Play.

Users are given a definition of a word and its first word. Points are earned when the word is guessed correctly. You can skip the word if you don't know it (esc or skip button), if you answer correctly an extra second is added, when you reach 5 in a row, you will see a hint button that reveals the next letter of your word.

There is a teacher portal as well. You can create a classes and add packs to your class.

For more information regarding pricing look below or click here.

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 54 second YouTube tutorial.

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