Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy first day of Fall - Google celebrates with new Doodle + resources about earth/moon/sun/equinox

Happy first day of fall (northern hemisphere)!
Google has a Doodle to celebrate the first day of fall - .
Click here for an article from Live Science -
A really helpful and easy to use PDF was created by NJCTL @NJCTL
You can download it by clicking here  or
seeing the embedded Tweet below.

 Bitmoji Image

The doodle is designed for the northern hemisphere, and shows a napping Earth crowned by a brilliant golden oak leaf. The company's name is festooned by branches and roots sporting the same autumnal foliage.
A partner doodle made for the Southern Hemisphere's vernal equinox depicts Earth looking up at a cheerful pink flower sprouting from its top, with greening vegetation decorating the Google name.

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