Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Want to hold a hologram in your hand? Try a MERGE cube!

That's right - you can hold a hologram in your hand. All you need is an iOS or Android compatible device and around $15 to purchase a cube from Walmart/Amazon/etc. A headset will cost additional $, however it is worth it as you can explore with your hands free. Of course you can use just your device, or utilize a Google Cardboard.

In the example app (Galactic Explorer) you see below represents the Solar System and you are able to hold the planets in the palm of your hand!!

To find out more information about MERGE click on this link. On this link you will find all the available apps (as well as if they are free or $), where to buy a MERGE Cube, Getting Started Guide, as well as what a MERGE Cub is.

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