Sunday, November 18, 2018

Rivet - reading practice for kids grades K-2 over 1,500 FREE leveled books (for family use only)

Rivet is a fun, easy, kid-friendly reading app for students in grades K-2 - available in the App Store as well as Googe Play. Rivet currently has 1,500+ free, leveled books, Please note that Rivet is only available on tablets as well as (11/18/2018) Rivet is currently in beta, which means new features will continue to be added.

A few items for logging in to know:

  • You will need a Google Account
  • You will need to consent to a Parental Consent Form (prior to entering into the app)
  • An email will be sent to you to confirm your consent (in which you just select Confirm consent)
  • Create a profile for your child 
    • Name
    • Birth Year
  • You will then select your child's reading level
    • Level 1-6 (A-M)
    • Each level will show an example for sentences at each level to show your child
  • Once created you can then easily add another profile as well as edit the information you just added
    • Please note that you can always adjust your child's settings by tapping the Parent Settings icon in the bottom of the profile section dropdown
  • Your child and you are now free to search the leveled books
  • Books are categorized at the top of the page into categories
  • A nice feature is once your child starts reading the category My History will appear.
Embedded below is a 3 minute and 58 second YouTube tutorial I created showing the above steps.

Parent Testimonials:
“It has given her the confidence that she CAN read and with little to no help from anyone else... Her sense of accomplishment is awesome to watch.”

“I love it! I love the wide variety and selection of books offered. I love the convenience of this amazing app.”

“He loves clicking on each word to have it read to him. That is so helpful and eases the frustrations of reading alone.”

“I actually did not have to ask them to read, they just did it! It’s an awesome app and I would absolutely recommend it!"

- 1,500+ free, leveled children’s books
- Engaging, kid-friendly interface
- Kids can tap on tricky words for help
- Rate, review, and save favorite books
- Browse categories or search by keyword
- Read books from favorite YouTube creators
- Families can track reading practice
- Great way for families to meet daily reading recommendations

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