Friday, August 24, 2018

Take a look at Kahoot's New Features and Designs

On Kahoot's blog, is a very helpful overview of what Kahoot! is as well as the new features that have been rolled out.

A few of the main items to point out:
  • You can now import kahoot! questions from a spreadsheet using their import feature. Use their provided template and save your kahoot! questions in .xlsx format.
  • Navigation bar makes it easy to:
    •  search for kahoots! (Discover)
    • find games you created or favorited with game data and (Reports)
      • My kahoots!: kahoots! you created 
      • Favorites: public kahoots! you saved
      • Shared with me: kahoots! other users shared with you
      • You can sort reports by date, kahoot! title or a number of players. 
    • create new kahoots! (Create)
  • On the app, you can now have access to  2,000+ images 
Embedded below is a video created by Kahoot! to explain the changes.

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