Sunday, August 19, 2018

How to get more out of Twitter - create lists to organize interests

The main complaint I hear from people about Twitter is that they don't get it. When I dig a little deeper their main reason is they feel as though if they don't see someone's tweet right away they miss it. This is where Twitter lists can help really come in handy. When you create a  list you group those users into a single list. This really helps to focus in on a certain topic, for example, you may want to follow all the teachers in your district to see what amazing things they are doing!

To create a List:
  • Visit your Lists page via the gear icon drop-down menu or by clicking Lists on your profile page
  • Click Create List
  • Name the List and provide a description
  • Designate the List as Public or Private 
    • if you designate a list as Public the users you add will be notified they are in the list you created and other users can subscribe to the list
    • if you designate a list as Private only you have access to the list and know of its existence 
  • Save the List
Embedded below is a YouTube tutorial showing you how to create a list.

Take care and enjoy making those lists!


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