Thursday, March 29, 2018

Padlet - a way to send notes/pictures/videos from the whole class to a student who is absent for a time or leaving

If you have a student that is leaving or maybe has been absent for an extended amount of time, try using Padlet as a way to share notes, videos, pictures, etc from your class. This way the student will know they are being thought of and missed. This is also great for students that are leaving so they will always have that connection with their class.

To start you will need to log on to Padlet and then take these steps:

  • Select Make a Padlet
  • Select Grid
  • Alter the Title and Description
  • Choose a new wallpaper
    • Enable profanity filter (optional)
    • Allow Comments and Reactions (optional but nice)
  • Alter the Privacy as you see fit (I left mine as Secret)
  • Have students add text, photos, voice, video, etc.
  • Copy the link and share with the student
Embedded below is a 2 minute and 12 second YouTube tutorial I created.

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