Sunday, March 11, 2018

How to create a meme set and see what it looks like in Quizizz.

One more awesome feature built in to Quizizz is the ability to use and create your own Meme sets. It is very straightforward and simple to create.

  1. Select Memes on the  left side of the webpage. 
  2. Select Create New Meme Set and name your set (select Public or Private).
  3. You will then need to create Correct and Incorrect Memes in your set (as many as you would like).
  4. You can select images within Quizizz or upload your own images.
  5. Type in some fun text (can do the top and bottom of the image). Name the meme if you would like to.
  6. Select done.
To use your Meme set in your quiz, take a look at the bottom of the settings screen (after you select Play Live or assign as Homework).You will then be able to select the Meme set you would like to use.

Embedded below is a GIF followed by a 4 minute and 12 second YouTube tutorial I created showing all the steps to create a set and to see what it looks like from a student point of view.

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