Monday, October 2, 2017

How to easily use the Splashmath app on your iOS device

In the district where I work the site Splashmath is used to help students learn and or reinforce math topics. It is a comprehensive site as well as aesthetically pleasing - so students seem to truly enjoy it.
Below are two ways to load the app on your iPad - I have included a PDF with instructions as well as a video tutorial.

  1. The first one I created shows how to install the app on an iPad with classroom tiles so they do not need to remember their passwords (best for younger grades and classes that do not share devices). Click here for the PDF.
  2. The second one shows how to install the app on an iPad for classes that may share iPads with other classes. No passwords are stored as they were in the first PDF. Click here for the PDF.

Embedded below are two video tutorials as well. Please note that my narration cuts out as I recorded this on my iPad and when the app launches the ability to narrate is not available.

If you have any questions please let  me know.

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