Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to create a question in Google Classroom - remember to include a topic

Here is a quick post on how to ask a question in Google Classroom. When asking a question you hav the choices below:
  1. Ability to send to all students or select ones
  2. Option to include instructions
  3. Assign a due date (optional)
  4. Topic - great for ease of returning to the post in the future
  5. What type of question (short answer or multiple choice)
  6. Ability for students to reply to each other (can be turned off)
  7. Ability for students to be able to edit answer (can be turned on)
  8. Ability to include a file from computer or Drive
  9. Ability to embed a YouTube video or a link from the web
Embedded below is a GIF, a 1 minute and 14 second YouTube video I created, and a screenshot for what asking a question looks like.

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