Sunday, April 16, 2017

Taking photos and videos with your smartphone

With many people celebrating Easter today (Happy Easter) many will be using their smartphones to take pictures and videos.

I see a lot of people using portrait view when shooting a video at their child's performance or baseball game. Portrait mode is easier because we are all accustomed to holding our phones that way.

 Of course this all depends on the situation, but if you turn your phone to landscape mode it will fill the screen entirely. At first this may feel a bit different, but it will make a big difference when uploading videos and sharing them using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. 

Below you will see some videos and pictures taken with portrait and landscape view that I took looking out to my backyard. The first video shows both portrait and then landscape view.

Portrait and then landscape view

Portrait Mode - notice how narrow - video will not take up entire screen

Landscape Mode - video will take up the whole screen

Hope you take some great shots!

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