Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Google Earth in Chrome Browser just in time for Earth Day!

Google Earth has a brand new version, it is awesome, and it is available in your Chrome browser - yes you can use your Chromebook to use it!!

A few quick items to point out.

  • Once you search with the magnifying glass (upper left) you will be flown to the destination and you will see what looks like cards on the right (see picture below).
    • Just an FYI the information available is from Wikipedia. 
    • You will also see a Bookmark that you can come back to at a later date. 
    • Under the Bookmark is points of interest that are available in the destination. 
      • To fly to that point of interest, click on the blue circle
      • When you fly there and want to see street view - place the little yellow figure and you will see a blue grid show where you can place the figure.
    • If you want to share your destination, click on the share icon (left side - on bottom) 
      • Can share link in Facebook, Twitter, Google + as well as copy the link.

  • If you are feeling lucky and want to travel somewhere "random", click on the icon that looks like a die with a 5 on it.
  • If you select the icon that looks like a captain's wheel - this will take you to Voyager and will make National Parks, Galapagos Islands, and Natural Treasures available to you. The example I discuss in the video below takes you to Hawaii and a park ranger discusses lava tubes, among other information.
  • The last item to point out is that the settings (top left) will make some changes available to you. The one default to look at is that Units of Measurement are set to meters and kilometers and not feet and miles.

  • Embedded below is a 4 minute and 13 second YouTube tutorial I created.

This Google Earth is awesome!

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