Saturday, April 29, 2017

Great free extension for recording your screen

Richard Byrne posted some time back about the extension Viewedit. Today I got to take a look at it and it is a nice and simple extension to record your screen for free.

Viewedit (click for Chrome Extension) allows you quickly and easily create and share screencast videos. The extension allows you to record your entire screen, a single tab, as well as incorporating your webcam, or just using your webcam to record yourself.

There are 3 ways to share the video.
1. Through Gmail (this also allows you to see what person watched the video you sent).
2. Through a direct link.
3. Posting to Social Media.

One item to bring up is that the site does not allow you to download the video and share to YouTube.

Embedded below is a GIF to show you what the site looks like as well as a more detailed 2 minute and 12 second YouTube tutorial I created.

Again, thanks to Richard Byrne for mentioning this site on his blog!

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