Monday, March 27, 2017

What? There are ways to add fonts in Google Docs!!

So I am able to add more fonts in my Google Docs? In the immortal words of Phineas from Phineas and Ferb - "Yes, yes I am!"

If you would like to add more choices of fonts in your Google Docs - you are not alone! Here are 2 quick ways to add them. The text below was written in Cedarville Cursive.

The first way that I talk about in my video below is using the Add-on Extensis Fonts.

1. Once you add the Add-on - make sure you then allow permission for it to run.

2. You can then start typing a sentence or so and then highlight the text and select Add ons.

3. Select Extensis Fonts and start.

4. The Add on will run and you will see a number of fonts available for you. Since you have highlighted your text, once you select a font you like you will be able to see what your font looks like right away. This is an awesome feature.

5. You can also search alphabetically, date added, popularity, trending, etc.

The second way to add more fonts is to select fonts in your Doc and then scroll to the bottom and select more fonts. You will then see a number of fonts to look through.

While this is nice - I personally do not like it as much as the Extensis Fonts Add on as you can not see what your writing looks like until you select it. Once selected, you are then taken out of the more fonts.

For a 2 minute and 2 second video tutorial, click on the embedded YouTube video below.

As always any questions please let me know!

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