Thursday, March 30, 2017

Google Translate Equation in Sheets - quickly see a set of words in multiple languages

If you would like to translate select words in a Google Sheet follow the GIF below, watch the embedded 2 minute and 19 second YouTube tutorial I created, or follow the directions at the bottom. Pretty cool to see the languages translated so quickly. Click here for a link to the website I reference that includes the language codes.

  1.  Enter in a set of terms in Column A with the language at the top (English)
  2. In column B type in another language (Spanish)
  3. In B3 type in =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A3, "en", "es")
  4. You will then see your terms translated from English to Spanish.
  5. Go to the bottom right-hand corner of the term that has been translated and see when the + sign appears.
  6. Drag the + sign straight down and you will see your set of terms instantly translated.
As always any questions let me know.

Or in Spanish...

Como siempre cualquier pregunta déjame saber