Sunday, March 19, 2017

Want to find animated images (GIFs) and then insert them in a Google Doc?

If you would like to find an animated image (GIF) simply follow these steps.

1. Search for the image you would like in Google (I chose baseball)
2. Select images
3. Select tools
4. Select type
5. Select animated
6. Select one of the images and you will see it become animated

If you would like to insert this image in a Google Doc follow these steps.

1. Right click on the image and select copy image address
2. Open up your Google Doc and select insert image
3. Make sure to select insert By URL
4. Paste URL and you will see the animated image appear
5. Click on select and the animated image will be inserted.

Embedded below you will see a 58 second YouTube video showing you the steps mentioned above.


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