Saturday, February 10, 2024

How to create a self-grading spelling test using Google Sheets and Google Classroom

 If you would like to create a self-graded spelling test, one way is to try using Google Sheets and Google Classroom.

Here are the steps I used:

  • Create a Google Sheet
    • Make sure you have a column for the students to enter in their words.
    • A column for the correctly spelled words
    • A column for your formula
      • Here is an example for the word "fed"
        • =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("fed", A1)), ISNUMBER(SEARCH("fed", B1))), "Correct", "Incorrect")
    • Remove the unwanted columns and rows (see how in video)
    • **Make sure to select all columns you do not want your students to see and right-click and hide the columns.**
      • This is key as your students will only see the column to place their words in.
        • Please know your students could right-click and un-hide the columns - I doubt their would - but wanted you to know.
  • Once you have the test ready in Google Sheets go into Google Classroom and create an assignment and force a copy. They will only see the 1 column to enter in their words.
  • They will then need to submit their work in Google Classroom.
  • Once submitted you can then go into the assignment in Classroom and choose the folder.
  • You can then open the student's submission, right-click on un-hide columns and voila! You will see the test is automatically graded.
For a step-by-step tutorial please watch the 3 minute YouTube video below.

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