Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Check out Curipods Curi-quiz. Curi-Quiz is the perfect activity to practice vocabulary and concepts. Includes instant AI feedback to students and teachers.

 Previously we looked into Curipod for exit tickets , today we are looking into Curipod's Curi-quiz. 

When you open up the Curi-quiz you will see the Generator inputs. You can place what you are currently working on, or something you would like to see students' prior knowledge on a subject. Make sure to then select Do magic and see what is created.

Once you select the Do Magic it will create 5 slides that includes an intro to the class, hints, etc. When ready make sure to select Present in the upper right. The default for time is 2 minutes which you can adjust. At the top of the presented slide your students will see with the pin for them to enter in to join.

Students type in their real name (which only you can see) followed by a generated nickname for the lesson.

Once your class has all joined make sure to select Play (you may need to select it 2x).

Once your students complete they will receive an option for instant feedback.

When completed you will see feedback as well on how each student did.

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 17 second YouTube tutorial.

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