Monday, November 30, 2020

How to get a class list of students in your Google Classroom

 If you would like to have a complete list of students in a particular Google Classroom there are a few quick steps to make it happen (Google currently does not have this readily available).

Below are the steps:

  • Access the classwork section of your classroom
  • Choose an assignment and select view assignment
  • Select the settings gear (upper right of page)
  • Copy all grades to Google Sheets
  • I like to remove the first 5 rows to clear out the excess data
    • I also like clearing column C
  • Since all cells are frozen you have to unfreeze the columns
    • view>freeze>no columns
  • Since Classroom has last names in column A simply highlight column A and drag to column B
  • In the example I highlight 1 A - hold down Shift and then select the last name in Column B (in this case it is 8 B) 
  • Right click (or Ctrl C) Select copy and now you can paste where you would like to place the names
  • Make sure to rename your Sheet as well for future reference
Embedded below is  a second YouTube tutorial.

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