Thursday, October 11, 2018

ReadWorks - access to thousands of K-12 articles and assign through a self-created class or through Google Classroom

ReadWorks is an amazing site that allows you to search for K-12 articles by individual topic, category, grade level, lexile, or type of text (non-fiction, fiction, poetry).

The articles can be easily printed out and include the ability to include or not include additional information (vocabulary, comprehension questions, answer keys, etc).

While you can create your own class manually, you can also easily import your class from Google Classroom.

The best reason for creating a class is the ability to easily assign articles you like to your class. If you use Google Classroom and assign an article to your class you have a number of options. The options include (picture embedded below): if you want the audio included along with the article, what questions you want to be included, vocabulary, if you want to share with your whole class, just specific students, publish to Google Stream, start date and due date.

Embedded below is a GIF and a  2 minute and 39 second YouTube tutorial of what it looks like from a teacher point of view.

If you have any information, please reach out.

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