Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Halloween🎃👻🦇 Rebus Stories📖. Thank you🙌 Eric Curts for creating and sharing!

It is October and Eric Curts has again created a great way for your students to write a story in a fun and creative way - Rebus Stories. A rebus is a fun way to tell a story through the use of text and pictures (emojis).

Eric has created a Google Doc template for you to share with your class. Click here for Eric's post on his website . You can also access the link here:

When the students select Make a Copy this will force a copy of the doc into their Google Drive and they can start working on creating their story.

A few items to point out.

  1. Students can alter the size or style of the font just as they would in any doc.
  2. To select the emoji they would like to use make sure they click and drag over the image they want. Then select Ctrl c to copy and Ctrl v to paste.
  3. If they would like to search for other emojis they can access them by selecting insert special character and selecting emojis (this is also underneath of the emojis on the doc).
  4. If a student makes a mistake and erases something, please remind them of Ctrl z (or the undo button). 😀
Embedded below is a 2 minute and 18 second YouTube tutorial I created.

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