Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Google Forms basics, a sample form, plus quiz feature

Google Forms is an amazing feature in Google that allows the user to create surveys or quizzes/tests for free. If you would like to take a sample 3 question graded quiz please click here.

In a school setting, the information/data it provides you and your students with is absolutely amazing - especially now with the quiz feature.

Embedded below is a 6 minute and 33 second YouTube video that walks you through how to create a form, add questions, add sections, as well as include videos and pictures.

The embedded 4 minute and 58 second YouTube video below shows you how to make your form into a quiz that will be graded, edit point values, what individual tests look like, and how to release the test to the student who filled out the form.

Embedded below is a 39 second YouTube video on the ways to send your form to be filled out by others.

Below you will see and embedded 29 second YouTube video on how to see all responses in a spreadsheet.

Finally, the other day I was asked if there is a way for a form to have choices eliminated once it was chosen. The answer is yes. The Add-on is Choice Eliminator 2 and an embedded 2 minute and 30 second YouTube video.

As always, any questions please let me know.

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