Monday, December 19, 2016

Multiplication Jenga

All you need is a Jenga board and a permanent marker.

Here are the rules of the game from's blog.

It is played just like Jenga; however, a multiplication fact is placed on a side of a game piece.

When setting up the tower, make sure to place the multiplication fact face down so no player can see the probem.

When a piece is chosen the player must answer the question correctly to keep the tile. If answer incorrectly, the question is asked to the other player and if answered correctly - they get to keep the tile.

The game ends when the tower falls and whoever has the most tile pieces is the winner.

See the embedded 1 minute and 20 second YouTube video below.

Of course this could be altered to fit whatever facts you are currently working on. There are so many possibilities with this. 


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